Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

As I have previously said in an earlier post. This palette has been the only palette I have ever signed up to be on a waiting list for. The only palette I had to wake up early enough to make sure I got one. I felt like I was back in the early 2000’s waking up early to buy tickets for a Britney Spears concert. (Yes I have done this, and yes I am proud of it) This is the only palette I have ever spent £48 on. Basically what I am trying to say is, I needed this palette.

Before this palette, the only red eyeshadow I owned was Love+ from Sugarpill. Don’t get me wrong I love Sugarpill shadows, but I wanted a selection of reds to choose from, not just a matte red and use a deeper brown to make it darker. I didn’t want to use my liquid lipsticks for a really deep red shadow; I just wanted more.


I remember watching when Jeffree announced Blood Sugar on his channel and my jaw pretty much hit the floor. The packaging is everything, and I mean everything! It looks like a little first aid kit. The quality of the case itself is unreal, I honestly thought this palette was going to be a lot more money than it was; so that was a pleasant surprise.


I am a really big fan of Jeffree’s shadows, there may be quite a bit of kick back in the palette when you swirl your brush but the pigment is there.


Some of my favourite colours actually surprised me:


Glucose – which is a complete matte white is incredible for setting a cut crease.

Sweetener – which is a peach shade with a gold reflects is beautiful on a spotlight eye.

Cavity – Matte bright fuchsia pink

Blood Sugar – Metallic red is beautiful on top of a red lip

O Positive – Matte mauve grey is just really unusual

What I really like about this palette is the versatility. The top line of shadows are very nice for just everyday wear. The second row has some nice highlighters and brights if you are feeling a bit more playful, and then lastly the bottom row is a variety of different red tones; perfect any grunge eye look.


This is honestly my favourite palette at this exact moment. The only thing I wish that was different, is just based purely on greed; and that I want the pans to be bigger like the beauty killer palette.


I don’t know if the reason I love this palette is that because I have green eyes and that the red shades really suit me, or if I just love them for the macabre factor. But either way I know that this palette is sure to make a statement and every time I wear it out, people always ask me what it is.


Do you dare to wear red eye shadow?


What’s your favourite shade?

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time I have written about this palette. So if you would like to read more and find out my other favourite eyeshadow palettes CLICK HERE

Here is also a makeup tutorial video of me using the palette! CLICK HERE


Thank you everyone for all your love and support for me creating my art!

Lots of love




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