LFW AW18 – Amy Thomson – Chasin’ Dreams

There was one specific designer I was extremely eager to see this season, and that was Amy Thomson. The fashion and textiles designers aesthetic just calls to me. The combination of screen printing, stitch and fabric manipulation reminds me of the incredible time I had doing textile design at University.

The playful colours and pattern designs really just oozed fun especially combined with the incredibly nostalgic head pieces from designer Katie Hamlet from Sassy Freak.

unnamed (2)
Amy Thomson AW18 LFW – Press


Amy Thomson AW18 LFW – Kiss Kiss Winks

I loved the concept of the eight different designs were to represent a different career path/profession in the eyes of a child. I just really enjoy the playfulness of this idea and absolutely love the final collection. I would actually love to see the development of the ideas, but I think that’s just me being nosy and a bit obsessed with fabric manipulation.

Amy Thomson AW18 – Kiss Kiss Winks

unnamed (1)


I especially love the combination of the pastel coloured faux fur with the stitched clouds. This is definitely a collection of pieces I would love to create makeup looks for. Also I am obsessed with the hand drawn scalloped edges she added not only to the collection but the background of the presentation, I cannot wait to see what Thomson has up her sleeve for her next collection.

What do you guys think?

Lots of love






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