New Year, New Me – Part 2 ‘Treat Yo Self!’

The phrase ‘Treat Yo Self’ is probably a phrase I use way too much in my life. But I honestly feel that it helped my mental health way more than I thought it would. I went through phases of buying hauls of clothes from ASOS and Miss Guided and buying new skincare, after the break up to make me feel better. At first it didn’t quite work, but when I started rocking up to work in a sassy new outfit and I started getting compliments that my skin and style was looking great, I felt like a whole new woman!

Now as mentioned before, I have recently split from a long term relationship of nearly four years. I never really knew what it was like to be on my own. I spent quite a while thinking that no one could love me again. I have now learn’t that is not true at all. But as the legendary Ru Paul says ‘If you cant love yourself , how the hell you gonna love somebody else’!?!?!

Now this is something I never thought I would be writing about let alone reviewing. But the lovely people at So Divine sent me a PR package of one of their most popular products – ‘Sweetest Tabboo Magic Wand’ and what better way to carry on my New year new me series!?

This marvellous massaging device has 3 speeds and 7 functions, its 100% waterproof and latex and phthalate free. It is also ultra quiet and super soft but very powerful and lasts for up to 2 hours.

What better way to love yourself!??!?! Am I right??!

This vibrator is only £54.99 and vibrates from both ends. Neat huh!?!?!

You can check out So Divine here

so divine
So Divine massaging wand and Moschino perfume

After the last post I have had quite a few messages, about how they have recently split up and been heartbroken.

All I can say is the empty sinking feeling will eventually leave.

You will fill it with bigger and better things.

You will find someone better and more compatible.

You will find happiness, better and more exciting than ever before.

You will learn and discover that the old relationship, wasn’t as perfect as you once thought.

So go and try new things, go to a different coffee shop, try online dating, meet new people (even if just making new friends) Take a yoga or art class.

You never know what is going to happen,

I never thought I would do online dating; but here I am promoting Tinder for free. Because I am so happy that I signed up. I am so happy that I messaged first and I am so happy that I took the courage to go on a date to move on.

That’s right, you WILL move on,

It might happen sooner or later than you think but that’s ok

Your path is different that everyone else’s,
NEVER compare yourself to anyone else.

Try to enjoy your journey,

Make moments

Make memories

So here are my 5 top tips of ‘Treatin Yo Self’ After a break up:

  • Looking after your skin (This will become an issue with stress, so make sure to look after it)
  • Surround yourself with friends and family, making new moments in your life that you will always remember.
  • Make sure to take time just for yourself (hot bath, read a book, relaxing, massage)
  • Always getting things off your chest, (don’t bottle your anger up) Talk to friends and maybe take a boxing class?
  • Get some new clothes and a hair cut (Become the sassier new you) Walk down the street knowing your a goddess and he is missing out big time. (Enjoy that feeling of smugness)

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me – Part 2 ‘Treat Yo Self!’

  1. TRAVEL was my cure for heartbreak! Spending time alone somewhere exotic, with amazing people, amazing food, crazy cultures and indulging in holiday romances; nothing beats it.
    I’ve learnt to love myself and value my ‘me’ time so much, that it’ll now take a pretty spectacular man to make me want to fall back into a relationship

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