Stranger Things! From TopShop, Oxford Circus to Hawkins Indiana.

If there is one guilty pleasure I am going to share with you, then it will be binge watching Netflix. It’s something I love to do, when I am poorly, sad or even just being plain bored. I love being transported into another reality, where the world is so more far fetched than my own. That makes mine, just seem boring.

My favourite Netflix original show, has got to be ‘Stranger Things’.

They just got it spot on.

The casting, the script, the props, the story and above all the soundtrack.

So when I saw an advert pop up on my Facebook page saying Topshop was having a faux Stranger Things TV set put into their Oxford Circus store, I just had to go!

Castle Byers TopShop

On each floor of the humongous store, there was a different set you could explore. From the cute Castle Byers to the Arcade/ Upside down Arcade. Each set was pretty much spot on and I enjoyed every minute of it! The most famous scene from the first series – The Alphabet lights unfortunately was in the main window of the store, so we were unable to get any photos in there. But my favourite was definitely Castle Byers. The attention to detail was outstanding, even inside the play house the props were just like the real thing.


Stranger Things Barbs Locker

What I loved most of all was the collection! It looked just like it had been pulled from the 80’s. With the way it had been styled with different layers and bold primary colours, I just had to grab something!

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I choose the Red and white baseball style t-shirt, mainly because I have an obsession with red this season but also because I loved the 80’s style theatrical movie print on it.

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I teamed the shirt with a black PVC skirt, White Converse, a Vintage 8 ball jacket and a retro style laundry bag. I am loving this retro casual sportswear style at the moment, not only because it’s comfortable but it totally looks like it’s from the show!


So have you guys watched Stranger things yet, Whose your favourite character?

Mines Barb! #Neverforget

Lots of Love




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