London Fashion Week special: Nicola Brindle SS18

I wanted to show you one of my absolutely favourite collections I saw at London Fashion Week- Nicola Brindle. Her SS18 show ‘Essex Girl’ was a combination of 1970’s influence with a futuristic twist and just a dash of David Bowie.

The show itself was in a very long and narrow room, with baby pink bubble wrap covering the walls from top to bottom. A smoke machine filled the room very slowly, creating a space age atmosphere, and the tables were lined with pick a mix and fun flavoured drinks.  The music played were songs from my childhood in the 90’s and the models came out dancing as if they were at a party.

The whole show was an experience in itself, it didn’t feel like a catwalk; it was much too fun for that. I loved it.

810 (3)

Unfortunately due to the smoke machine and the fact the models were dancing, my camera just decided not to take any nice photos. So I have taken them from

But lets put that aside and talk about the collection!

I just loved the bold clashing primary colours, the flares, the ruffles and most importantly the lightening bolts. Every outfit that came out, I thought to myself, ‘I want that’! Even the accessories from no Basic Bombshell just fitted perfectly with the whole aesthetic. It was very cleverly designed and I can imagine so many people buying the outfits from top to toe, because I honestly think Nicola Brindle has got this collection spot on!

810 (2)

810 (1)

810 (5)

810 (6)


810 (4)

I just feel like this collection is just the epitome of fun! and that’s what I love about it.

What do you guys think about this collection?

Lots of love




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