NYX Total Drop Foundation Review.


nyx foundation

This little bottle has been all over the news at the moment, the £14 foundation that can go from a sheer natural coverage to full coverage just by adding more drops. Obviously I had to get my hands on some because god knows I love me a full coverage foundation.

So this foundation is honestly tiny, weighing at only 0.43 fl oz, compared to most foundations the average size is 1 fl oz.  Its pretty much half the size. As this is a NYX product I expected it to be quite light in weight, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. With its frosted glass bottle and high quality pipette, it feels and looks like a high end brand. This water based foundation has a texture that I have never seen before, its almost like creamy milk that glides onto your skin and blends really easily.

They say that the coverage completely depends on how many drops you use.


1-3 drops = light coverage

4-6 drops = medium coverage

7+ drops = full coverage

Now as this is a water based foundation this is better for people with normal to oily skin. As I normally have quite a dry chin and temples, after a couple of hours of wearing this product it did start to split on the dry patches. But to be honest this was expected as it wasn’t made to suit my skin type. However at the moment I am quite stressed and my skin has started to produce more oils, and now I am happy to announce I can wear this foundation! It honestly blends so easily and I love the fact that I can choose what coverage I want to wear without having to buy more than one product!

Now I always purchase the palest shade of foundation from any brand, as I am so fair. So I ordered the lightest shade. This was my own fault and I cannot express how you definitely have to get colour matched for this product!! When I tested it in store I ended up being shade number 3! This product is perfect for all my alabaster sisters! I haven’t seen any other brand going as fair, other than Kat Von D.

Have any of you guys tried this product?

Let me know what you thought of it.


lots of love




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