Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Review

For my birthday my other half was kind enough to treat me to some goodies from Kat Von D. I had never been to one of their counters before, so this was a treat in itself! The whole stand was designed to perfection, from the beautiful skull beauty bars to the unique arched shaped alcoves. You can tell the entirety of it was hand designed by Kat herself, as it just screams of her aesthetics.

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

So, on to the palette I have wanted from the moment it was released – The Alchemist Palette. This will set you back £25 and consists of four holographic highlighter pans that are 0.05 oz each. Yes, each pan is pretty much only the same size as a regular eyeshadow pan. I found this quite odd. Personally, I feel they should have been made bigger and I can see me going through this palette extremely quickly but perhaps that’s just my greedy eyes wanting more!


The packaging looks like a present that has been made by angels and placed on earth so we too can have our own ethereal glow! With its unique triangular design and embossed holographic lettering, this palette looks and feels like high end makeup at its best.

In terms of the pigments themselves, I found them to be truly beautiful in colours, each one has a duo chromatic shift that shines really brightly in daylight. They are quite powdery, but I find that’s often the case with most highly pigmented shadows. They blend so smoothly on to the skin almost like butter. I can honestly say I think you can see my highlighter from space right now!

In my eyes this palette it stunning, there is one things that bugs me though. The price. Now I am known to buy high end makeup and for me £25 is really rather reasonable. However the size of the pans really puts me off using it all the time as I dont want to ‘waste it’. When going through some of my other highlighter brands I have actually found an almost identical dupe for the emerald green shade. Do you want to know this amazing dupe? Because I can guarentee you it will shock you!

Its from Makeup Obsession -H109 POP

The top swatch is Makeup Obsession and the bottom is Kat Von D

kat von d dupe
Top: Makeup Obsession. Bottom: Kat Von D

There is hardly any difference other than texture, the Kat Von D is a lot creamier and more powdery. However the Makeup Obsession pan is double the size and only £3.


nyx duo

If your like me and find yourself not being able to always afford ‘luxury brands’, another nice dupe of the holographic duo chromatic highlighter is Nyx. Their Duo Chromatic highlighter range are honestly stunning and only cost £9 each for a massive 6 gram pan!

Overall I think the palettes design and product is overwhelming stunning. The only flaw is the price for the size of the pans, but saying that this will definitely be a re purchase once I have finished it. I just love it too much not to have it in my life.

So what do you guys think of this palette?

Lots of love








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