Topshop jeans madness or genius?

So recently Topshop have released quite a lot of unique jeans with some of them, that I can quite only describe as confusing and frankly rather quite odd. However they have just released a new selection that has basically blown me away, but before we get into those let’s take a look at the ones that are far more interesting in terms of weirdness.

Technically these one’s aren’t even jeans at all. As there was no denim harmed in the manufacturing of them. These are infact just clear unflattering plastic trousers and I have yet to see a photo of these actually looking nice on. Personally I find them hideous and would only possibly wear them if I had to wade through a swamp. But until that that day I would prefer to purposefully leave them on a hot radiator, so they melted into a gooey mess. 

Next up is possibly the most questionable ones of all. The fact someone thought it was a good idea that your knees needed to have a plastic window fitted is just plain strange. Now I will try anything once, especially when it comes to clothes but all I can imagine is my kneecaps getting sweaty. Will there be condensation on the Windows? I’m not sure, but the only reason I would wear these bad boys, is if my knees suddenly grew tiny faces and demanded to be able to see the scenery! 

This fashion choice is just bizarre, or is that the point? Did Topshop see a decline in their moto sales and decide making ridiculous ones would get the bloggers talking? To help boost sales of the really nice ones?

Well if this is the case, then fair play Topshop fair play! That marketing genius has definitely worked.

Whilst we are on the subject of really nice jeans, let’s have a look at some of the ones that have really taken my fancy.

Well what can I say when it comes to these jeans? Pure perfection. 

You can check all these wonders out HERE

These are all superb, from the amazing shape, to the stunning embellishments. I love the fit they look like 80s jeans that have been shrunk to fit, then taken to future to be bedazzled. It’s the right amount of the past and present combined to make something truly new. 

What do you guys think? 

Which ones are your favourite?

Lots of love



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