Sleek Distorted Dreams Collection 17

I managed to bag myself a ticket for Sleeks PR event which showcased their upcoming collection ‘Distorted Dreams’. Which consists of three metallic matte liquid lipsticks and one new highlighter palette. It was hosted in Tape London, which if you haven’t been to, is a cute underground bar based in the centre of London. The event itself was completely different to what I expected.  The club itself isn’t very big at all, but it was filled with tables covered in Sleeks new collection. The stage had massive ring lights, for the perfect selfie and a centre table with one of my very favourite glitter brands, Shine Shack. Ironically my makeup that I wore to the event included Shine Shack glitter, so everyone kept telling me what an amazing job they had done on my eyes. Yet I had already come prepared without realising. Everyone was so lovely, they even braided my hair, gave me glitter roots and jewelled my forehead. I instantly felt at home as I wasn’t the only one wearing glitter. One thing about the club that impressed me was the fact it had it’s own selfie room! Complete with mirrors and lights everywhere! Perfect for any selfie enthusiast!

So lets get to the products and start with the Distorted Dreams highlighter palette. This palette consists of three strobe highlight creams and two powders and will be priced at ยฃ10.99. This palette is a complete different shape than their normal highlight palettes but I feel it has more elegance to it. The highlighters themselves are highly pigmented and duo chrome. I’m not normally a fan of cream highlighters, as I prefer a powder but these do feel really smooth and easy to blend. The only other palette I can compare it to is the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. As with the sleek one each shade has a different coloured duo chrome undertone. I do in fact really like this palette and it surprised me, unfortunately my favourite shade is the one with the smallest and tiniest square, fingers crossed they will do a bigger version of that colour! One can dream!

Next, on to the Metallic Matte liquid lipsticks. Now I am a huge fan of metallic lipsticks and unfortunately I am not a big fan of these. Priced at ยฃ4.99 each I just don’t see the pigmentation. They go on smooth, however they don’t have a huge payout on colour, they almost look sheer and are incredibly subtle. Also the formula feels really quite oily and I had to apply three coats for the full effect. However once they are dry they feel lovely on the lips and the colour also darkens and looks a lot better too. I have tried them as a top coat on top of another matte liquid lipstick and they look stunning! The chrome metallic really shows up on top of a really dark colour. Maybe I should wear these for a couple of days and get back to you with an update.

Overall the collection itself is really up my alley due to the space age, mermaid vibe going on. I think for the price and the quality of the highlight palette it’s a bargain! Once again Sleek have bought out another highlight kit that I am sure will be flying off the shelves.

Collection out 31st May 2017


Who is excited for this collection?

lots of love



*These products were gifted to me at a PR event, all opinions are my own.





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