Morphe 35U Palette Review

I finally caved in and ordered a Morphe palette from Beauty Bay. I chose this one, as I love using brights colours on my every day looks as well as my face and body paints.

The colours range from light to extremely dark. This is called a shimmer palette however there is a few matte shadows that look great to use as transition shades.

On first inspection, as I have never seen a Morphe palette in real life before. I found that the palette itself is extremely light, the kind of light you expect on a really cheap palette. The price of this is £22, so it’s not high end price but at the same time neither is it drugstore price. I did find this quite worrying but on closer inspection of the actual shadows I was blown away.

Above is some swatches of my favourite colours from the palette, and my god are they nice! The texture of the shadows is not a formula I have come across before. They are smooth and extremely creamy, with little to no fallout. The pigmentation is as intense as it gets! The swatches above have no eyeshadow primer, so I can’t wait to see if it’s even possible to make them brighter! Some of the shimmers look glittery which is a lovely surprise as I love a bit of sparkle! I cannot wait to try a look out with this palette!

Even though at first I found the casing lightweight, the treasures that are inside are so worth the £22. The formulas are easily good enough if not better than some of the high end products I have tried. I love most of all how they have made such a nice rainbow selection in this palette. This is perfect for any makeup junkie or mua that loves colour to add to their collection.

I can honestly say I will definitely be purchasing more Morphe products in the future.

Have any of you tried this palette?

Which Morphe palette should I try next?

Lots of love



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