How to spot a FAKE Jeffree Star liquid lipstick

I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time now. Reason being there are A LOT of fakes that have been released and they can be quite hard to spot. Not only that but you may think you are buying a real one but in actual fact if the price is too good to be true. Then 9 times of of ten it’s because it’s a fake! Fakes these days have become extremely good in packaging and some look just like the real thing, however the actual product inside can be completely different. In some cases can actually contain dangerous chemicals, as they don’t go through quality control to be approved.

The product I want to base this post on is the infamous Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks.

So above are two Jeffree Star liquid lipstick, one is real and one is fake.

So which one is real? 

Can you tell?

As you can see they look extremely similar. The more purple colour has a different colour lid as it is from the Christmas range, but really until you take a closer look you would think they are both real!

Yes I did have to buy a fake one from EBay but I did it so I could show you guys what to look out for! So as you can see ‘posh spice ‘ (the one of the right) doesn’t close as flush as the real one on the left. The actual printing on the bottle looks pretty much the same but the fake ones printing on the bottle scratches off easily whereas the real one doesn’t have that problem.

The weight of the bottles are completely different, the real one is very weighty whereas the fake is light and feels cheap as it doesn’t have any heaviness to it.

The labels on the bottom are extremely different. The font is smaller and bolder on the genuine one. Also the colour of the label should be a brighter pink not a baby pink.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The wands could not be any more further apart in quality. As you can see by the authentic one it has a lovely thick fluffy doe foot wand, whereas the fake has a thin straight wand. The real wand stick is clear whereas the fake is white.

The actual formulas of the product are not the same at All!

The real one is wetter, creamy and covers the lips with high pigment in one swipe. Whereas the fake is quite watery and does not have the longevity as the genuine one.The pigmentation of the fake one has no where near the same coverage, you can really feel the difference in quality.

The smells to me actually confuse me a bit the real one doesn’t smell of much, maybe a tiny bit fruity but nothing really to mention. Whereas the fake smells like really strong chocolate! Probably to cover the smell of chemicals.

You can see by this photo the fake one is ever so slightly bigger than the real one. Also the screw part of the lipstick has a bigger swirl than the real one.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the same colour in real vs fake, however I hope this helps anyone that was wondering how to spot one.

Also one point I would like to mention is the price, the fake one was Β£5 from eBay however the real one was Β£18 from beauty bay. Remember if the price is too good to be true then it’s gonna be a fake!

Top tips to check:

  1. Label on bottom
  2. Wand shape
  3. Screw shape
  4. Consistency 
  5. Smell

Have you guys got any top tips to spot a fake?

If you do I would love to know

Lots of love



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