Tatty Devine SS17 collection 

I have blogged about Tatty Devine before, so you guys know how much I love their jewellery. However I had to show you guys their latest SS17 collection, because it is possibly the great laser cut pieces I have ever seen. Not only that but each and every one of them I would wear on a regular basis. There is one problem with this collection, and that’s the fact that I can’t afford all of it! 

The necklace in the photo above is truly incredible it is priced at £399.99 and was limited edition. Unfortunately it has already sold out but there is still this gorgeous gem.

The rest of the collection really is unique so I will show you section by section.

Up first:

This geometric part of the collection fills me with utter joy. The stark black outlines contrasting with the colourful flowers is literally dream jewellery for me. I wear a lot of black outfits so these would make any of them really pop! I’m not a huge earring of bangle fan but for these I would really make an exception. 


Next in the collection is something really dear to my heart and fills me with child like wonder:

These pieces are all inspired by ‘painted by numbers’

I adore the kitschy little cats and flamingos on these and would love to create a gorgeous kitsch photoshoot with some of these one day.


Finally in the collection we have something really unique:

These remind me of Damien Hirsts pill cabinets 

(I wonder if they were inspired by them?) As a massive Hirst fan myself I really need to add one or more of these to my collection.

 I really feel like every collection Tatty Devine bring out, how can they make the next one better!??

 They have really outdone themselves, it is such a kitschy wonderland of acrylic goodness.

My favourite pieces are definitely the black geometric necklace, pill earrings and flamingo painted by numbers. 

What’s your favourite piece in the collection? 

Let me know,

Lots of love



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