Slimeliner Tutorial 

I did a little poll on the old Twittersphere and you lovely lot decided I should do my slime liner tutorial next! So here it is!!

Step one: use a brightly colour liquid liner and go crazy on your lid, making sure it’s wonky as much as possible!

Step two: still using the same liner draw drips coming down the side of your eyes.

Step three: using a black liquid liner and a tiny brush. Out line the entire thing.

Step four: do some squiggles.

Step five: using a white liquid liner create some highlights to give this pop art look some depth.

Step six: do what ever you want with eyeshadow! In the picture above I created a toxic waste theme using brightly coloured yellow and green eyeshadows. Topped with some green glitter to give that slimey look some realness! 
It’s actually a very simple and quick fun look, especially for a beginner in makeup because if you struggle with getting your liner straight then this is the look for you!

This look can be done in many colour variations but the toxic theme I feel best suits it. 
Let me know what you guys think!

Lots of love



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