B Movie Raygun Body Paint

So today I finally had the time to do a body paint I have been wanting to do for ages. A B Movie Raygun inspired piece. I have always loved the kitschy tackiness of these kind of films. The colours of the movie posters and stylistic pop artyness of them makes me so happy! Sometimes, actually most of the time I feel that I am a 1950s teenager that’s stuck in the future. So this piece that I designed has a very Lichtenstein feel to it with the B Movie theme. 

I used Mehron face paints for this and mixed most of them to create really bright vibrant colours. I finally got tiny brushes, so my detail work has got a lot better. I also used Glitter Lips Stardust on my hair to cover my God awful roots. (My favourite trick) 

I was really pleased with the outcome however it was so hard to photograph. My camera couldn’t get my entire arm in so I had to contort my body to fit it in lol! My favourite part is definitely my hand, I really want to do something similar in a pop art style all up my body and on my leg. I also have a lot of exciting things coming up soon so keep an eye out on my instagram! 

You can follow me on @jordan_kisskisswinks. 

I also had a lot of fun creating Warhol style with the app layout.

Hope you guys like it, if there are any makeup or facepaint looks you would like me to do, just let me know.

Lots of love,

Jordan xx


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