Galaxy Lips Tutorial and MUOTD 

So here is a proper photo of my hair colour from my previous blog post, as you can see the colour is a lot darker than my usual baby blue. But I absolutely love it! 

So today I decided to do a blue cut crease using the NYX Ultimate Brights Palette. I was inspired by my hair colour and cleopatra. 

I really enjoy doing a cut crease due to my eyelids being hooded. This means you can actually see the colour of the eyeshadows. As it exaggerates the eye lid. I used scotch tape at the outer corners of my eyes to get a clean cat flick. (It’s my favourite trick) At the end I decided to add some flat back diamanté and glitter tears to make it look more like a space babes kind of look. 

With my lips I creates a fun galaxy look which is quick and easy. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Apply a bright coloured liquid lipstick, I used nyx liquid suede in sway.

2. Apply a shimmer eyeshadow to random areas I used Limecrime superfoils in electric.

3. Apply glitter to the areas you didn’t apply shimmer, I used Glitter Eyes pressed glitter. Or you can use nyx glitter primer with a loose glitter, using a primer will help the glitter last longer.

4. Apply dots and stars using a white liquid liner.

Here is another photo using the same method but with different colours for a galaxy style lip art.

Hope you guys liked this tutorial. Please let me know if you have tried this out I would love to see your version!

Love Jordan


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