Nyx Cosmic Metals Review

So when I visited the Beauty Blogger awards, I was lucky enough to pick up some of the NYX Cosmic Metals lip glosses before being released in the UK.

From left to right

Comets tail

Celestial star


Out of this world

I was drawn to these colours out of the range because, well I thought they would go nicely with my mermaid vibes. The blues and greens go perfect with my crazy hair and help anyone stand out in a crowd. 

So I didn’t know what these were going to be like, were they matte? sheer? sticky? dry? well the wait is over, I will tell you!

So the colours come out like actual paint! They feel quite thick and yes they are sticky. They are super pigmented and all have a slight silver sparkle to them. They are definitely a gloss rather than a lipstick and I couldn’t quite get over how amazing the colours came out, however I have to admit, as like any other lip gloss they do wear off quite quickly. So if you do go out wearing one of these, you will have to bring it with you so you can top it up.

I think being so used to matte liquid lipsticks, if a gloss doesn’t last I get a bit freaked out. But that’s my fault for not wearing gloss in such a long time!  So don’t let that put you off! These Cosmic lipsticks are definitely the next step to becoming a humanised unicorn!

Just remember to top them up! 

Any questions just let me know!

Who else has tried these?




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