Makeup Revolution +Freedom Halloween makeup collection review

So I was over the moon when I discovered that TAM Beauty had released their Halloween collection through Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup. So I went to Superdrug and grabbed myself a few, I didnt really have an idea in my head of what I wanted or what kind of looks I was going to create. I just wanted to get a range to test and use on various looks. For their first collection of sfx and Halloween inspired makeup I thought it was quite a large selection! 

So this is what I went for:

Makeup Revolution- Beyond Vamp lipsticks

Makeup Revolution- Ghost Powder

Makeup Revolution- Give Them Darkness eyeshadow palette.

Makeup Revoultion- Ghost Contour stick

Freedom-  Ghost Stories kit

Freedom- Ghost Whitener

Freedom- Sfx Fake Blood

So let’s start:

These lipsticks are beyond gorgeous and are perfect for any aspiring Vamperella. The three all come in one set and at only Β£6 are an absolute steal. They are extremely pigmented and the matte consistency is soft and silky yet longlasting. I didn’t need to keep layering it up for full colour coverage. I have recently found myself using these as my go to lipsticks, it’s Halloween everyday at my house!  Cannot recommend these enough.

Up next we have Ghost Powder. This is a white pressed powder that comes with a mirror and a sponge. For a powder that is highly pigmented with white it isn’t chalky and covers like a dream. Being the pastie ghost that I am, I finally have a pressed powder that matches my skin tone!

Now we have the Ghost Contour stick. This useful bit of kit has black at one end and white at the other. They are creamy in texture and blend really nicely to get perfect extreme contouring for any Halloween look. Ideal for the sort of cheekbones any skeleton would die for! Mwhaha

I also picked up the Give Them Darkness eyeshadow palette. Now, I am a massive fan of the Makeup Revoultion eyeshadow palettes already, but this one is definitely in my top three because of the colour selection. The eyeshadows themselves are really pigmented, buttery and blend nicely. I also find the purples, khakis and blues look really nice on my green eyes too which is always a bonus! Included is a matte white and black which is also really handy for sculpting a Spooky eyeshadow look. Who says scary can’t be glamorous?!

Now this has to be one of my favourite products from the collection. This Ghost contouring palette consists of both powders and creams in highlighting and contouring colours. This is amazing to create a range of theatrical looks especially skulls and vampires. The highlighters are also great for your everyday makeup too!

 Now this is a must have for any sfx kit! It’s basically a vibrant liquid white facepaint with no water needed. It blends evenly, leaving no streaks, gives great coverage and looks amazing with the Ghost Powder setting it. I regularly use the ‘leading facepaint brand’and this is so much easier to use and saves so much time.

Finally, we have the fake blood. This is a good deep red colour and the consistency is quite thick and looks realistic. In order to prevent the blood from staining the skin,simply rub some vaseline onto the skin before you apply it. I clearly forgot this step and went to work the next day with a red stripe down my face! 

This is a look I created using these products:

Overall I am in love with these products. My favourite has to be Freedom’s Ghost Stories contour kit because of the multiple uses and range of textures. Also the prices of all of the products are amazing value for money and blow most companies out of the water!

I would love to know if they are going to ever  release a facepaint range, now that would be amazing!

If you guys have any questions just let me know, also post me your Halloween looks in the comment box below or tag me on instagram @jordan_kisskisswinks 

I would love to see your Halloween looks!



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