Beauty Blogger Awards 2016

I was extremely lucky to get a ticket to the Beauty Blogger Awards this year. I was very nervous, as it was my very first blogger event and to be honest with you, I don’t really have any blogger friends. So I went with my best makeup on and my cutest handbag and with a lot of encouragement from my boyfriend. I went on my own.

It was held at the Pillar Hall (Part of Olympia) with a red carpet out front and a massive sign saying invite only. I was already very nervous ย and being the only one with what I can only describe as a ‘quirky sense of style’, I stood out like a sore thumb. With my blue hair, leopard print boots and my Mc Donalds Handbag, I took a deep breath and started to queue.

As I stood waiting, me and a girl called Natalie started chatting and we were both eager to see what was in store for us. We had both got their early as we had heard there was goody bags for the first hundred through the door. We got chatting to another lady called Helen, who was exactly the same as us, wanting the free goody bag! Who would have thought, meeting some ladies, whilst queuing in a doorway in the rain, would mean making amazing new friends.


So the Beauty Blogger Awards, was two days of seminars, meeting beauty companies, networking and drinking Prosecco. It was such an amazing experience and the seminars were really informative, I have learnt a lot and cant wait to put it all into practice.

One of my favourite seminars was held by one of my favourite beauty vloggers – Grace Victory. She was incredibly endearing and down to earth, and we even got to have a little chat at the end with a cheeky selfie.


Throughout the first day me and another girl called Nadine, kept staring at each other, not realizing we had been chatting the week previously on Instagram. We kept missing each other when we finally figured it out and ended up meeting on the last day.



The Nyx stand had an amazing photobooth with built in wind machine to get the perfect selfie. As you can see, we had quite a few attempts at getting the perfect picture, even when we all crammed in at once.


The awards themselves only lasted about 20 minutes on the second day, but it was extremely thought out and professional.


There was seven different categories and the winners are:

Best New Beauty Blog: Elise Online

Best Use of Social Media: Laura Jenkinson

Best Designed Blog: Eltoria

Best Beauty Youtuber: Elise Online

Best Beauty Instagrammer:ย my pale skin

The Best Established Beauty Blog:ย iheartbeauty

Outstanding Career achievement: Eltoria


I had such an amazing time and cannot wait to go next year! If you ever have the chance -get a ticket, you will learn so much, meet contacts. And most importantly meet amazing new friends.

Anybody else go the Beauty Blogger Awards?

Let me know what you guys thought.





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