Crazy Color-Hair Dye Review

Crazy Color is one of those company’s that everybody has heard of. Seeing as they started in 1977 (during the punk era) its no wonder their company has been so popular.

I was lucky enough to be sent some samples to try and they also included a hair colour chart!

Now, as  a self-confessed Mermaid fanatic, I love trying out different blue hair dyes so I can get a multi-tonal effect.

I was sent:

  • Bubblegum Blue (a very pale pastel blue)
  • Sky Blue (a very vibrant royal blue)
  • Burgundy ( a deep reddish plum)

I was a little skeptical about Burgundy as I didn’t know how it was going to sit with my aquatic vibes. However, I’m happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong! I added small amounts of Burgundy to the Sky Blue and it made the most gorgeous Violet tones. I used this Violet colour at my roots and underneath my hair and it has created a lovely coloured balayage with the Blue ends.

A little tip for you: When initially rinsing the hair dye, remember to rinse until the water is clear and only use clear shampoo and a non-coloured conditioner. This will help the colour to stay at its most vibrant.  When having Blue hair, the best way to upkeep the colour is using a Violet shampoo and conditioner, this will help prevent your hair going Green.  Or, of course you can try Crazy Colors new range of Shampoo and conditioners that are coloured to help prevent fading. They even do a rainbow version which I cannot wait to try!



To create this look in the picture above, I mixed variations of the three colours.

  • Sky Blue
  • Sky Blue with a dash of Burgundy
  • Burgundy with a dash of Sky Blue
  • Bubblegum

I left the hair dye on for about 30 minutes and I have to say that Crazy Color left my hair feeling silky smooth – just like having a deep conditioner on. It also doesn’t have that horrible smell that lingers for days which I’m sure you’ll agree is a welcome bonus! The colours come out extremely vividly and comparing the solid colours (not the mixed ones) to the hair chart, they came out pretty much exactly the same.

Top Tip: If you want truly bright coloured hair, your hair needs to be at its absolute lightest i.e white! If your hair is not light enough, the colour either wont take to your hair or it may be patchy. The best way to achieve this is to get a professional to bleach it and remember to get your hair trimmed every six weeks.Oh and remember you will need to deep condition it every week too, to help keep your hair in nice condition!

Any questions, please let me know


Kiss kiss winks xx




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