LimeCrime SuperFoils Review

I was one of the many who signed up to be notified when the new, LimeCrime SuperFoils eye shadows came into stock. When that email popped up on my phone I must have seem like I was having some kind of sugar overload! I ended up choosing three out of the six, as I had to get them shipped to the UK and I was a bit worried I was going to get charged loads for import tax. 

The three I chose were:




I also purchased one of the new Velvetines in Teacup!

So when I opened it up, I literally squeaked with joy. This is probably some of the best packaging (visually) I have ever seen. From the cute little daisy boxes for the SuperFoils to the baby pink tissue paper. But best of all the actual packing box has unicorns and clouds all inside it. The whole opening of this parcel is an experience in itself. Even inside of each eyeshadow box, the palettes were individually bubble wrapped. 

Unfortunately even all of this amazing packaging couldn’t stop me shed a tear, because when I opened them the eye shadows had actually smashed.

Now I spoke to a lady on the chat option on their website and due to the high pigmentation, the eye shadows themselves are extremely fragile! I have to say they definitely have some of the best customer service I have ever had. The lady showed me a YouTube link on how to reset them and is also sending me out some new ones! You can’t get better than that! Thank you LimeCrime!

Now onto the eye shadows themselves:

As I said before they are extremely pigmented which does cause some fallout, however the fallout doesn’t fallout on your face, just when you rub it with a brush or finger on the actual palette. So that is good! 

When putting them onto your eyes the colour is so thick it almost goes a bit cakey, so prepare to blend blend blend!

The whole point of these eyeshadows is the fact they can be used just like normal or activate them with water. I tried them with water and they literally do what they say on the box, they turn to liquid metals. I really want to try and see if they will work as an eyeliner. Because they would look stunning. 

Now I have tried these out like normal eyeshadows and I have to say, they blend so well! Literally like butter and with the metallic pigments in them you could even use them lightly as a coloured highlighter!

One of my favourites is Malibu and convertible and when blended together they create the most gorgeous lilac shade!

Here is a photo of me using, Malibu and Convertible on my eyes, see what I mean about the nice lilac shade? I also have the Velvetines in teacup on my lips. I glides on just like lipgloss but dries matte without flaking and best of all it matches my hair!!!

Overall, I think the products are great, the customer service is amazing and the packaging is out of this world!

So what do you guys think?  Have you tried the new SuperFoils yet?

Any questions let me know


Kiss kiss winks xx


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