Makeup Tutorial -Glamdroid-


I am currently writing and drawing a comic book, so I thought that a great way to develop the characters, would be to create them through the art of makeup. This Character is called -The Glamdroid- I am not going to give you any information other than that im afraid. πŸ˜‰

However I am going to tell you how I created this look πŸ™‚

First of all, this is the first ever time I have used a bald cap! I purchased Mehron’s Bald cap kit a while ago and I have waited till I got the character right. I am glad that I waited, i’m really happy with the outcome πŸ™‚


So first of all if you buy this kit – Read the Instructions!!!!

I have watched many bald cap vlogs on youtube and this kit is very different than the ones on there.

Step by step guide to Applying a Bald Cap:

Step 1: Put the cap on your head, get all the air out and draw where your hair line and ears are.

Step 2: Cut out the using the lines your have drawn.

Step 3: Put the bald cap back on, roll back the front of the forehead and apply some spirit gum on your head. Leave till tacky and then pull the bald cap back down and apply some pressure.

Step 4: Do the same around the ears.

Step 5: When doing the back make sure you make your chin touch your chest and pull it tight to avoid wrinkles.

Step 6: once that is set, dab liquid latex on a sponge over the edge of the bald cap. Apply in thin layers. Around 3-4 layers is a good amount. Let each layer set before you apply the next.

Step 7: Once you have applied your liquid latex and its dry, apply the Colour set powder.

Step 8: Apply foundation or colour base. I used a mix of the Mehrons foundation that was provided in the kit and mixed it with my normal foundation as it was a bit too dark for my skin tone. Don’t be scared, just apply the foundation as normal but making sure your cover the whole head.

Once i had done that I Set my whole face and head with powder and started contouring with a purple eye shadow. I added details using Nyx liquid liner in white, by adding dots, freckles and a double eyebrow. Added lashes with Projekt Glitter on the tips (in previous tutorial post)

Finally I added Projekt Glitter to my entire head and underneath my jaw line. You can use vaseline, but I used a thin layer of liquid latex. I then just sprinkled the glitter in all the places where the latex is. I also used Glitter Lips Uk Glitter on my lips in ‘Disco Kiss’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there is my Glamdroid!!!

Hope you guys like it πŸ™‚

any questions, please feel free to ask

Jordan xx

Kiss Kiss Winks xx


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