Makeup look: Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Now if you didn’t know already, I am the biggest fan of Harley Quinn!!! I’m not a fan because she is on ‘trend’. I have been collecting Harley Quinn comics for years!!! And I have quite a collection now! I also have been told by a few people that I should cosplay as her. 

So the time has come! 

I finally dressed up as Harley Quinn! 

I didn’t actually leave the house, I only tried out the look to see how it would go. 😁 I also didn’t have the choker so I decided to paint it on and I think the look turned out really well.

For the pale base I used my normal foundation mixed with Nyx crayon in ‘Milk’ 

For the hair I bleached my roots and sprayed the ends with coloured hairspray.

The tshirt I bought off eBay and got it imported from China, so it was only about Β£8 (bargain!)
 So let me know what you guys think. If you have any questions let me know 😍😍😍

Kiss kiss winks xxx



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