Kenzo Jungle Book Collection!

As a massive lover of Disney, I basically squealed with excitement when I heard Kenzo were basing their latest collection on the timeless Disney classic ‘Jungle Book’. Releasing it just in time for the new live action version as well!

Smart move Kenzo! 

So the collection consists of Hawaiian style shirts, mini skirts, reversible dresses, t-shirts and Kenzo’s signature piece – The Sweatshirt.

The patterns and designs are a combination of original character sketch designs, scenic views and florals.  

I must admit my favourite of all the pieces is probably the simplest, but Kenzo have changed their iconic tiger face for Sheer Khan! 

Clever and awesome!

I do also love these sweatshirts above, they are cute and stylish and completely compliment the brand. I really love the entire collection. 

Prices start between Β£85 and Β£440.

As with most limited edition collections they are selling out fast,so now is the time to get some! 

What do you guys think of this collection?

Any questions let me know


Kiss Kiss Winks xx


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