The ‘Revolution’ of drug store makeup -Review

Now I’m probably way behind when it comes to the cosmetic company ‘ Make up Revolution London’. However I just can’t not blog about this company!

First of all, their range of products is sooooo extensive it puts other drugstore makeup brands to shame. 

Secondly, when you pick up a palette and see it’s only Β£6 you start to question yourself. You find yourself thinking ‘Am I in some kind of amazing cosmetic dream? A world where palettes and matte lipsticks are soooo affordable! ‘ Then you start wondering, ‘is this too good to be true?’.

Thirdly, after trying and testing some products out, they are such amazing quality! I honestly want to scream with joy!!!

Now I have only purchased a selection of products, starting with their: 

Salvation Velvet Lacquers –

So as you can see, I bought seven. Reason being, they were only Β£3 each!!!!!!

That’s right, Β£3! An absolute steal!

Now I have tried and tested all of these and I can honestly say that they go on creamy, dry quickly and go completely matte!!! I do find some last longer than others. For instance, the bright red lasted from 9am until 6pm and I didn’t even have to top it up!! Now that’s impressive. I don’t find that they flake, I just think they are amazing quality and such good value for money!!!

Not only that, but they have a lilac colour ! As you can tell that made me one happy bunny 😍

Here are some swatches with the colours I bought.

Next up is some of their palettes:

Ultra Blush Palette – Sugar and Spice

Now I love really pigmented blushers and these are just that! There are 3 bright pinks and 3 peachy browns with 2 marbled highlighters to match 😍 I have been using this all week and it’s honestly perfect to go from day to night blush and at only Β£6!!! Need I say more???

Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette- Light

Now these are smooth and creamy. They glide and conceal like a dream! With this selection of shades you can hide blemishes and bags without having to buy more than one product! Again I think this was only around Β£6! Amazing!

Ultra Contour Palette

Now this is my first proper contour kit as I used to just use a bronzer. I can really tell the difference. With the different shades you can define and contour you face as much or not so much as you like!! It also contains a white and brown hightlighter to make your cheek bones stand out from the crowd! This was only Β£8 and I have been using this every day.

Overall from the products I have purchased from Makeup Revoultion London, I can say I am a huge fan!

I cannot wait to try some of the eyeshadow palettes out! At this rate, I will never have to buy “high end” makeup again!

What do you guys think of Makeup revolution?

Any questions let me know


Kiss kiss winks xx


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