Mermaid Hair @ B.O.B Salon

Yesterday I visited B.O.B Salon in Bracknell to have my hair coloured. I was really excited because I was having blues and purples put through my hair (like a mermaid) I am not going to lie, I was quite nervous as I have been blonde for years. But the staff were all so friendly I honestly felt really relaxed and basically just sat back and enjoyed the experience!!

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So my hair was an entry for the Paul Mitchell Hair Colouring Competition, so all the products used on my hair were by Paul Mitchell.

I really feel like this Salon is a hidden gem, its based inside a leisure centre in Bracknell. Its not the biggest one i have been in, but trust me when I say it is filled with excellence. From the cleanliness, to the skilled friendly staff, to the TV they put on with a film of your choice. (Makes a change from staring at your alien head when you have foils in!) To the selection of crazy hair colours! And don’t forget the yummy coffee!


So my hair was pretty much white before I went in, (to get the colour outcome I have, it needs to be white otherwise it will go green) This is a photo of my fabulous hair colourist Kasia putting zigzag slices of  Paul Mitchell ~Ink Works~ Blue in my hair.


She then Balyaged my hair, starting with a bright violet for the roots.


She then hand painted the rest with a Balayage board underneath, with purples, blues and a small amount of teal. ( I cant stress enough, this needs to be done by a professional, the amount of skill this takes is insane! )


One half done, onto the next half!!

If you don’t know what Balayage means, its basically hand painting dyes onto your hair with a paddle board underneath. Then blending it by pulling the colours between your fingers.  This means, I basically had an artist paint my hair!

So after half an hour or so, i had it washed off with a cheeky little head massage and then blow dried.

Drum Roll please!


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I absolutely love it! It has honestly blown my mind, with how amazing it looks. The tones and slices that she has put in are incredible! On top of that she then curled it and put a Dutch plait on one side for the photo shoot.

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I cant show you the photo shoot yet, but i will as soon as i can 🙂

I cant describe how pleased i am with the outcome!

Thank you Kasia

Thank you B.O.B Salon

You truly are artists.

Kiss kiss winks xx


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