Stargazer Cosmetics Haul!

I have been following Stargazer Cosmetics on Instagram for a while now and have been really keen to try some out! Reason being, I love brightly coloured eye shadows and lipsticks! And I’m always on the look out for products that are long lasting and extremely vibrant. Not only that, but I am a massive fan of having crazy colours in my hair and they make them too!

So I got some products to try and I have to say I was blown away by the quality! 

I tried a make up look today using these eye shadows and eye shadow pens. The eye shadows are really pigmented and they come out even better using an eye shadow primer. 

For this look I used Stargazers eyeshadow ‘Dusty Pink’ as the base over the whole lid. I then highlighted the front corner with ‘Soft Candy’ and then I darkened the outer lid with ‘ Soft Violet’. I also blended ‘Soft violet’ slightly into the crease, to create a coloured smokey look. I then used Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner for the cat flick. Underneath my eyes I used the Stargazer metallic eyeshadow pen in Blue and carried it on underneath the black flick. Finally I used Stargazers metallic eyeshadow pen in silver on the bottom and in the corner of my eye to highlight. I was really pleased with this quite Kawaii candy look and I got quite a few compliments which was also really nice. 😍 With the products themselves, I was extremely impressed, really long lasting without being ‘cakey’ and really pigmented which is always a bonus for me. I also think they are great value for money too, as they are quality products without breaking the bank!!


The next product I got was a semi permanent hair rinse in ‘Soft Violet’. Now at the moment I have bleached highlights and I haven’t scalp bleached my hair as at the moment my hair is in great condition, however I am really tempted to, as I really want lilac hair!!

So I thought I would try this out on the front of my hair as a tester to see how it would come out.

This was the result! And I love it! The colour is amazing and I can’t stress enough how soft this hair dye has made my hair! It feels like silk! It also doesn’t have a weird smell that lingers like some other brands. 

It’s so soft

Sooooo soft

Like silk


I think it looks kinda cool, like I have purple highlights 😍

I finally tried the glitter gel in navy blue.  I wanted to go for a glitter roots look but with a twist, so I did a victory roll and used a paint brush to apply the glitter to emphasise the swirl. After a while the gel actually sets, which I didn’t realise but it was pretty handy as it helped keep the roll in place. I also used the metallic eyeshadow pens on my eyes and lips for a space babe look.😍 

I really like this look and think it would be great for a festival or if you just want a bit of sparkle in your life.

What do you guys think???

Any questions, just let me know πŸ’—

Kiss kiss winks




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