Trip to Camden with my mumma 

Normally once every six months me and my mum take a little trip to London. We had our hearts set on seeing the Vogue exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery and we got there super early as we didn’t book tickets, but there was a queue longer than the Great Wall of China. 😒

So instead we thought we would have a little trip to Camden Market.

So that’s my gorgeous mumma 😍
So we popped into the stables and went for some lunch

Now we have been to the Basement Tea Room before for a coffee but this time we decided to stop for a spot of lunch. I have to say it was amazing! We had a cream tea for two for only £13.50 and it was soooo big we couldn’t finish it all.

It was super cute with the vintage crockery but I honestly couldn’t believe the price for only £6.75 each! Especially when there was smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches ( nom nom) ☺️

After lunch we went wandering and did a bit of shopping.

I didn’t know that the cereal killer cafe had opened a new store!

And I absoultly love their sign made with old VHS tapes stuck together. I really would love a wall of this in my shop 😍

 Then we popped into Rokit.Their Jean rack inspired me to get my butt moving into sorting out my vintage Levis. Because we recently bought 400 pairs 😳 so I ended up washing 100 and then tagged them, rolled the bottoms up and put them in colour order. I have to say I  have sold loads already, so it is always a good idea to go to similar shops to your own and get inspired by other visual merchandise styles to improve your own shop.

Finally we popped into some charity shops and I found this retro Mets t-shirt. Super impressed as I love vintage sportswear 💗 I also love combining sportswear with statement jewellery. Crazy combo but I love it!

Thanks for reading,

Where is your favourite place in Camden? Comment below x

Kiss kiss winks

Jordan xxxx


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