Blow up doll makeup!

So I thought I would try something new with makeup yesterday and I played around with some face paint on my lips.

So to do the lips I used baby pink Snazaroo and then outlined them with Rimmels black liquid eyeliner. I went around my actual lip shape to make them look more exaggerated which I thought was right for this look. I then used the eyeliner on the inside to create ‘creases’. I finally used Benefit’s show off in the gold pink colour to create the highlights.

For the coloured cut crease eyeshadow I use Too face shadow insurance as a primer. Then I used Mac eye shadow ‘ baby it’s cold’ as the base. Then Mac eyeshadow ‘parfait amour’ for the dark purple. Finally I used W7 Neon nights eye shadow palette and used the purple and plum to exaggerate the colour and to blend it with the neon pink ( also from W7 neon night palette) finally I used Rimmel’s glam eyes black liquid eye liner for the cat eye flick and Maybelline colossal volume express cat eye mascara.

Finally for the nails I used Henry Holland elegant touch cartoon claws.

They are really easy to apply yourself and the glue is really strong so they can last for a couple of days if you look after them. ๐Ÿ˜
Any questions please comment below โค๏ธ

Kiss kiss winks

Jordan xx


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