Make up Haul!

So I decided to buy some makeup products that I wouldn’t usually buy and review them on here!

The first things I purchased were Rimmels Stay Matte powder and Rimmels Match Perfection foundation. Now I normally buy Mac but I thought as these are a quarter of the price, I should just give them go!

So trying the foundation I was a bit worried as I HATE foundation that doesn’t blend into my natural skin tone ! So trying to find one that blends and covers blemishes is tricky, but I have to say this one blends beautifully!! And the coverage is really good too, without it being too cakey. The powder is really light and works really well with the foundation and I have to admit, I think these will now be in my makeup box forever!! 

Very impressed 😍

Next thing I got was Maybellines Baby Skin instant pore eraser. Now I am a huge fan of a pore eraser and usually use Benefits Pore fessional.

Now this is more of a gel compared to the Benefit one which is more creamy. It feels really silky when you put it on the skin and blends nice with the foundation, but I found it to be a little bit greasy and it doesn’t really let your makeup set. Almost feels like you can just wipe your makeup off which I didn’t like. I did use a smaller amount the next day but then it didn’t erase the pores, so I think I am going to stick with Benefits Pore Fessional pore eraser for now.

Not a fan

Next to try out was Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick.

I instantly feel in love with the  colour, it’s right up my street. It’s vampy yet classy and can be worn either during the day or night!! Now applying it is nice, but it does have a tendancy to bleed, so a good lip liner is needed. It does however last for a long time but it stays kinda wet and I find I end up with it all around my mouth when eating 😁 it is a really nice colour and even with its flaws I do keep wearing it, so that’s a good sign I suppose 😊

Finally I picked up three boxes of Henry Holland false nails. Now I cant have acrylics because I work as a cake decorator but I do love crazy nails! Now I thought these would be rubbish because I thought they would just flick off. But I gotta say these are awesome! If your like me and can’t have nice nails for your job, these are great for a night out or photo shoot or even just a day off work. Now the glue is really good and if you look after them they can last for a couple of days. But best of all the designs are amazing! I ended up buying three different designs as they were in the sale in Superdrug at only Β£4 each! 

What a bargain!!!

I absoultly adore these nails and I’m definitely going to have a stash in my makeup box 😍😍😍😍

That’s me wearing all the products in this blog 😊

Thanks for reading 

Kiss kiss winks

Jordan xxx


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