Laser cut Dreams!

I recently visited the Tatty Devine Store in Monmouth Street, London, and to be quite honest I’m quite surprised I didn’t get fined for drooling all over their front window.

From their glitzy, kitsch Christmas decorations to their gorgeous, luminous laser cut loveliness I just couldn’t stop staring! So I couldn’t help myself and I had to go inside. It’s not a huge shop, it’s more of an Aladdin’s cave of wonder. And to be completely honest if it had been any bigger I probably would have had some kind of glittergasm!!

Two of my favourites were the giant T-Rex skeleton necklace and the Lady Gaga-esque lobster necklace. I could really see myself purchasing these one day, however I’m currently on a budget and my account is not allowing me to do so. Until then, I thought I would take these sneaky photos and ogle at them when I wish.

I didn’t think that the designs could get any better until I saw their S/S16 collection and I’m not going to lie, these blew my mind!

My favourite from the collection has got to be the Arched Column baby pink necklace. As you can probably tell I do LOVE a statement necklace, but this one is like it came from my dreams! It is however quite pricey at £150 but it is limited to only 50 pieces. So I feel like I would be very unlikely to bump into anyone wearing the same necklace and that I like!

I was going through Instagram today and I stumbled across a jewellery company that quite literally made me squeal with excitement! Not only was the jewellery laser cut and sparkly, but there were fluffy pom-poms in the collection too!!! This brand is called Suzywan Deluxe.

When I was looking through the collection, I just wanted to buy them all! I just love the clean simplicity of the shapes combined with the cutesy colours and textures. They all are little pieces of art you can wear, and with the earrings starting from only £15 they can suit anyone’s budget (including my own!) I also feel that they can be both worn during the day or in the evening which is also a bonus!

I really think I might invest in some of these pieces, because they are just gorgeous!!!


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