A Tribute to the late, great David Bowie. 

Today was a sad day, the pop legend and icon David Bowie died aged 69.

My earliest memory of him is me sitting and the back of my dads car whilst my mum and dad sang along to ‘Cat People’. I must have only been young but whenever I hear that song it always reminds me of that lovely time.

One of my most exciting memories of him, yet most tragic, was when I was at my old work about 18 months ago. He was patiently waiting outside in the car, whilst his body guard came in to check the security. I was so excited to meet him I was literally shaking. Once his body guard came back, he said ‘unfortunately Mr Bowie will not be able to come in due to his current illness and with it being far too busy.’ My heart literally stopped, I had gone from ecstatic to devastated within a second. Not really from finding out I wasn’t going to meet him but from finding out he had Cancer.

David Bowie was more than a ‘Pop Artist’

He was an artist.

A fashion icon, a stage man, a break through, he broke all sexual and gender boundaries. He gave people confidence to be themselves and if that means different, then be different!

 He was like nothing we had ever seen before, an alien of influence. 

A legend of persona.

So I thought I would pay tribute to the lengendary Star Man. 

Rest in peace Ziggy, 

Sleep well



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