Ten Minute Photoshoot Challenge

So today my other half ‘Dan Dan’ had a really fun idea to do a Photoshoot challenge, which I think everyone should try!

So here are the rules:

1. Grab as many things around your house to use as props (accessories, toys, anything fun and outfits) as you can in ten minutes. Having it timed leads to the things being quite mad and can lead to some really crazy outcomes.

2. For each ‘look’ you want to do, you only have ten minutes. This ย includes getting ready and taking the photos. Again having this short amount of time to style your outfit it can turn into really unusual looks.

3. For each look you need someone to take the photos for you, because setting up your selfie stick will take too long!

4. Your hair and makeup needs to be done beforehand because it would take too long. The only thing you could possibly change is maybe your lipstick.

5. You cannot look at any of the photos until you have completed the whole challenge

So remember, only ten minutes per look and no pre organised looks. This challenge was extremely fun to do and I think some of the photos were hilarious but some were really good. It really loosened up the idea of ‘fashion’ and freed me up to try things I might not have tried otherwise.

So here is look number 1:

So I think the first look was very ‘me’ it would be something I would normally wear, and wasn’t very out of the box for me. I really liked the photos however I did panic thinking what I was going to put on next.

So here is look number 2:

So I threw on a sixties dress, this doesn’t quite fit at the moment due to me eating way too much this Christmas, hence the head shots! I also put on these cute clip on earrings with a lilac heart choker and brushed my hair back. Dan Dan had the idea of me snarling as it is totally out of my comfort zone, this made me laugh uncontrollably and then messed my slick hair up. This is an outfit I wouldn’t normally have worn but I loved the outcome.
Look number 3:

This one got a bit crazy, I attached some kitch Christmas decorations to a black choker. To be honest I wish this necklace was an actual necklace because it is frigging awesome!!!!!!!

Love love love

Look number 4:

This one turned out to be a bit hippy granny and I’m not sure about it, however I’m loving putting necklaces on my head now.

Look number 5:

To be honest I feel my hair went a little bit Hagrid on me, but they look really snug โ˜บ๏ธ

Look number 6:

This was the final look, me with my giant Minnie Mouse. I was wearing a Mickey Mouse jumper but during the rush we didn’t get a photo of the jumper.
So this was the Ten minute Photoshoot challenge, it was so much fun and I really want to do it again but maybe at someone else’s house, that would make for some really unusual photos! I really feel like this will help my style grow and to make me feel more comfortable at taking ‘fashion risks’ by ‘getting out of the box’

So why don’t you guys try the challenge and show me your fun photos!!

Remember to experiment with fashion and just have some fun!!

Kiss kiss winks ๐Ÿ˜


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